‘Addiction’ and flash games are like two best friends. You will always find them together. With the evergreen internet world touching our lives, flash games have emerged as a source to kill boredom and they definitely leave a smile at our faces. There are loads and loads of flash games available at our disposal, but when it comes to arcade games with a sincere ‘touch of reality’ in it, HAPPY WHEELS DEMO is the first choice amongst various others in the list.

HAPPY WHEELS is a rag doll physics-based game with a dark yet humorist twist in it. It is famous for a variety of reasons. The most unique and attractive feature of the game is its graphical violence, which, according to many, is the most unique and enjoyable feature of the game. Not only this, the users get to chose from a variety of amusing characters such as ‘Irresponsible Dad’, ‘Irresponsible Mom’ and others. What more, you get unique vehicles too such as wheel chair to play with. The objective of the game is to clear different levels. Each level has its own goals which make things more interesting.

The fun gets multi folded with its graphical violence feature. You fall from a hill, you get injured. You can even lose a limb. That is a reality and developers of the game have done a great job in portraying the reality in a humorous way. The game often involves the player dying repeatedly. The developers have put in great efforts to ensure this part of the game is also becomes enjoyable. It is really a fun game with easy controls. After playing it for a few times, you get into the grooves and start enjoying the game to its full potential.

Another plus point with the game is that the users can create their own levels and share across players. The game also has a replay feature. Users can upload their replays too. The users have accepted it world wide and their have been very positive reviews for the game. The uniqueness of the game has been widely appreciated amongst flash lovers.

This is such an enjoyable game, that once you start playing it, there is no way you can stop yourself from getting addicted to it. If you have the passion for arcade games and looking for a best in class game, HAPPY WHEELS DEMO is where your search ends. Get Addicted!!